CFP: Philosophical Ecologies: Considerations of the Animal, the Vegetal and the Environmental

Philosophical Ecologies: Considerations of the Animal, the Vegetal and the Environmental

23rd Annual DePaul University Graduate Student Conference

February 12-13, 2016

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

Call for submissions – Deadline: December 1, 2015

Keynote Speaker: Cynthia Willett, Emory University

Recent research in interspecies ethics, the place of plant life, and conceptions of the environmental testifies to escalating concerns regarding the insufficiency of existing interrogations into the historical privileging of some forms of life over others. These concerns emerge from a long history of global injustices that have resulted in environmental degradation as well as marginalization of both human and nonhuman populations through such practices as speciation, colonization, feminization, criminalization and dehumanization. This conference highlights the particularly urgent need for more rigorously articulated philosophies of the animal, the vegetal, and the environmental and seeks to reconsider conceptual boundaries between natural and artificial spaces and concepts of life. Topics of interest may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • environmental, animal, or food ethics
  • conceptions of animal, plant, and human life
  • eco-feminism
  • theoretical, political, and/or historical distinctions between the human and the nonhuman
  • environmental politics and policy
  • rights discourse and its application to nonhuman others
  • nature and the polis
  • colonization and environmental exploitation
  • eco-affectivity and interspecies attunements
  • intergenerational environmentalism
  • ethology and communication in animal and plant life
  • environmental aesthetics
  • dehumanization and oppression

Submissions from any area of study addressing these topics are welcome. Papers should be limited to 3,000 words and prepared for blind review. Please include name, university affiliation, and submission title in the body of your email, and send all submissions and inquires to:

PhiloSophia – Neolithics to Neoliberal : Communities Human and Non-Human

Neolithic to Neoliberal: Communities Human and Non-Human

philoSOPHIA: A Feminist Society

PhiloSophia9th Annual Meeting
May 14-16, 2015
Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

Conference theme:

Neolithic to Neoliberal: Communities Human and Non-Human

Local Hosts: Noëlle McAfee| Erin Tarver| Cynthia Willett

Submit All Proposals to
by December 1, 2014

Keynote Speakers: Drucilla Cornell| Lisa Guenther & Chloë Taylor| Kelly Oliver

Plenary Session:
The Ethical Lives of Animals
(Co-sponsored by Center for Ethics, Emory)

Two workshops for discussion of participants’ and organizers’ papers, with limited participation:

Whose Community? Intersections of Gender, Race, Sex, and Nationality in Kant and German Idealism” (with a focus on social and political philosophy), led by Dilek Huseyinzadegan, Emory University

“Fugitive Femininities” (with a focus on concepts of race, femininity and sexuality within the context of narratives of capture and escape), led by Rizvana Bradley, Emory University

Up to two graduate student travel prizes will be awarded for the best graduate student papers

You may submit one of the following:
1. Individual abstracts of 500-700 words.
2. Panel proposals (500 words) with individual abstracts (500-700 words each).
3. Workshop paper abstracts (500-700 words). Please identify which workshop.
4. For those graduate students who wish to be considered for a travel award, a complete paper (3000 words). Please also declare your status
as a graduate student in the body of your email.

Abstracts, panel proposals, workshop paper abstracts, and papers should be submitted in an email attachment suitable for anonymous review. In the body of your email, please include your name, affiliation, contact information, and a brief bio, along with the title of your presentation.

Please submit all proposals electronically to


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