Ecofeminism and Other Animals

Yesterday, I was invited to give a conference at Concordia University in Chantal Maillé’s class on Feminist Ethics. It is a “brief” presentation on ecofeminism and animals, focused on food issues and veganism.

I address issues such as the links between the oppression of humans and other animals, as well as environmental issues and the misperception that veganism is imperialist and elitist.

Representing veganism as a “white thing” is not only false, but it also harms vegans of color and indigenous vegans who are erased by the mainstream association of veganism with whiteness. Moreover, such misperception makes it harder for non-whites to become vegans without being seen as a traitor to their own culture.

Click here to download the PDF presentation (English).

I usually give this talk in French, so I may have forgot to translate some slides (sorry about that).