Animal Rights Conference 2013

June 27 to June 30 Washington DC : The Animal Rights 2013 National Conference features over 90 speakers from dozens of organizations across the world, representing different experiences and paths to animal liberation.


List of AR2013 presenters:

Aysha Akhtar – author, Animals and Public Health
Vandhana Bala – Mercy For Animals
Jonathan Balcombe – author, The Inner Lives of Animals
Anthony Bellotti – White Coat Waste Project
Baruch Ben-Yehuda – Eat the Cure
Jaya Bhumitra – Compassion Over Killing
Sarahjane Blum – Support Vegans in the Prison System
Heidi Boghosian – National Lawyers Guild
Hope Bohanec – author, The Ultimate Betrayal
Jenny Brown – Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Michael Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Karen Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Jon Camp – Vegan Outreach
Katie Cantrell – Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Liqin Cao – United Poultry Concerns
David Coman-Hidy – The Humane League
Nick Cooney – Farm Sanctuary
Charlotte Cressey – Vegan Wellness
Saurabh Dalal – International Vegetarian Union
Elizabeth DeCoux – Florida Coastal School of Law
Anne Dinshah – author, Dating Vegans
Kim Dreher – VegFund
Janet Enoch – SHARK
Debra Erenberg – animal rights & political activist
Alex Felsinger – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Mary Finelli – Fish Feel
Gary Francione – Abolitionist Approach
Lester Friedlander – Wild for Life Foundation
Jerry Friedman – animal activist, author and lawyer
Bruce Friedrich – Farm Sanctuary
Eddie Garza – Mercy For Animals
Noel-Teru Gibson – nonprofit consultant
Caryn Ginsberg – author, “Animal Impact”
Will Gomaa – Alley Cat Allies
Michael Greger –
George Guimaraes – VEDDAS (Brazil)
Scotlund Haisley – Animal Rescue Corps
Susan Hartland – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Wenonah Hauter – Food and Water Watch
Anja Heister – In Defense of Animals
Elaine Hendrix – actress & animal activist
Alex Hershaft – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Amanda Hitt – Government Accountability Project
Colleen Holland – Veg News Magazine
Elizabeth Holtz – Alley Cat Allies
Seba Johnson – vegan Olympic skier
pattrice jones – VINE Sanctuary
Melanie Joy – author, “Why Love Dogs, Eat Pigs…”
Myq Kaplan – vegan stand-up comedian
Lisa Kemmerer – author, Sister Species
Keegan Kuhn – Animal Place & First Spark Media
Greg Lawson – Vegetarian Society of El Paso
Cheryl Leahy – Compassion Over Killing
Carrie LeBlanc – Mercy For Animals
Tobias Leenaert – Ethical Vegetarian Alternative
Leigh-Chantelle – Viva La Vegan (Australia)
Jeff Light – National Lawyers Guild
Pei-Cen Lin – nonprofit consultant
Michael Macleod-Ball – American Civil Liberties Union
Demosthenes Maratos – Sustainability Institute at Molloy College
Nora Constance Marino – attorney and political activist
Liz Marshall – director, The Ghosts in Our Machine
Jo-Anne McArthur – We Animals
Rachel McCrystal – Best Friends Animal Society
Shirley McGreal – Int’l Primate Protection League
Rachel Meeropol – Center for Constitutional Rights
Erica Meier – Compassion Over Killing
Carolyn Merino-Mullin – National Museum of Animals & Society
Nicole Meyer – In Defense of Animals
Pulin Modi –
Dawn Moncrief – A Well-Fed World
Victoria Moran – author, “Main Street Vegan”
John Morlino – The Essence of True Humanity Is Compassion
Peter Muller – League of Humane Voters
Sharon Núñez – Animal Equality
Adam Orand – VegFund
Norm Phelps – author, “Changing the Game”
Will Potter – Green Is the New Red
Natalie Prosin – Nonhuman Rights Project
Daniel Redwood – vegan musician
Matt Rice – Mercy For Animals
Jen Riley – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Marla Rose – Chicago Vegan Family Network
Nathan Runkle – Mercy For Animals
Harish Sethu – Counting Animals
Paul Shapiro – Humane Society of the US
Ryan Shapiro – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brenda Shoss – Kinship Circle
Dave Simon – author, Meatonomics
Victor Sjodin – Vegan Outreach
Lee Slonimsky – Ocean Partners LP
Doll Stanley – In Defense of Animals
Andy Stepanian – Sparrow Media Project
Veda Stram –
Sharon Strong – Int’l Primate Protection League
Shawn Sweeney – Institute for Humane Education
Will Tuttle – author, “World Peace Diet”
Anne Marie Vastano – Alley Cat Allies
Shawn Vougeot – Sing for Animals
Michael Webermann – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Odette Wilkens – Equal Justice Alliance
Yossi Wolfson – Let Animals Live (Israel)
Peter Young – Animal Liberation Frontline
Bruce Zeman – In Defense of Animals
Sebastian Zösch – German Vegetarian Association

Here are some very interesting panels

Saturday 12:30pm
What About Abolition and Welfare? (is welfare reform or abolition the optimal path to animal liberation?) – Francione, Friedrich; MC: Tuttle

Saturday 2:30pm
Raising a Vegan Generation (books, school lunch, nutrition, social situations, activities) – K. Budkie, Dinshah, Rose, Zeman

Saturday 3:30pm
Commonality of Oppression (commonalities in the oppression of animals, children, women, minorities) – Baruch, DeCoux, jones, Kemmerer

Sunday 4:30pm
War on Animal Activism (repression of social activism by government and corporate interests) – Blum, DeCoux, Potter, R. Shapiro

The Animal Rights National Conference is the U.S. animal rights movement’s annual national conference. It is also the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering, hailing back to 1981.

Watch the Youtube channel of Animal Rights Conference 2012.

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