Other Natures. Non-Naturalistic Concepts of Nature



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On Non-Naturalistic Concepts of Nature
Norm and Nature II

April 30 – May 1, 2014, Université de Montréal
Département de philosophie, 2910 boulevard Édouard-Montpetit

All talks will take place in room 422. The coffee breaks and reception will take place in room 407.

Wednesday, April 30 — Chair: Thomas Khurana
2:30–3:45 Christiane Bailey (Montréal), “Other Animals: Prolegomenon to the ‘Animal Turn’ in Humanities and Ethics”
3:45–5:00 Sebastian Rand (Georgia State), “The Birth of Spirit out of the Genius of Motherhood — Hegel, Enzyklopädie, §405”
5:00–5:15 Coffee break
5:15–6:30 Christoph Menke (Frankfurt), “Force”
7:30– Dinner

Thursday, May 1 — Chairs: Iain Macdonald (a.m.), Dirk Setton (p.m.)
9:30–10:00 Coffee and Pastries
10:00–11:15 Thomas Khurana (Frankfurt), “Habits and Poets: Kant on Second Nature”
11:15–12:30 Dirk Setton (Frankfurt), “In a State of Uncomprehended Nature: Practical Receptivity after Kant”
12:30–2:00 Lunch (on your own)
2:00–3:15 Frank Ruda (FU Berlin), “The Un-Animal: Marx and the Nature of Capitalism”
3:15–4:30 Iain Macdonald (Montréal), “Nature – History – Possibility: Adorno on Second Nature and Need”
4:30–4:45 Coffee break
4:45–5:30 Karen Ng (Siena College/Vanderbilt), “From the Critique of Reason to the Critique of Ideology: On the Relation between Life and Consciousness from Hegel to Critical Theory”
5:30– Reception
More info : http://www.cceae.umontreal.ca/Other-Natures-On-NonNaturalistic

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