Animal Rights Conference 2012

Animal Rights Conference 2012 se tient du 2 au 5 août.


Voici quelques uns des conférenciers :

Here is the list of AR2012 presenters (Selected Bios) :

 Kathy Andrews – Wildlife Watch
Kari Bagnall – Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
Vandhana Bala – Mercy For Animals
Jonathan Balcombe – author, The Inner Lives of Animals
Matt Ball – Vegan Outreach
Gene Baur – Farm Sanctuary
Josephine Bellaccomo – author, “Move the Message…”
Jaya Bhumitra – Compassion Over Killing
Heidi Boghosian – National Lawyers Guild
Hope Bohanec – In Defense of Animals
Jenny Brown – Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Michael Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Jon Camp – Vegan Outreach
Jamie Cohen – animal activist
David Coman-Hidy – The Humane League
Joseph Connelly – VegNews Magazine
Nick Cooney – Farm Sanctuary
Charlotte Cressey – Vegan Wellness
Saurabh Dalal – International Vegetarian Union
Karen Davis – United Poultry Concerns
Sean Day – animal rights attorney
Javier de la Camara – GorillaFit
Mark Devries – Director, Speciesism: The Movie
Anne Dinshah – authour, Dating Vegans
Debra Erenberg – veteran activist
Alex Felsinger – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Bruce Friedrich – Farm Sanctuary
Caryn Ginsberg – author, “Animal Impact”
Tim Gorski – Rattle the Cage Productions
Michael Greger –
George Guimaraes – VEDDAS (Brazil)
Scotlund Haisley – Animal Rescue Corps
Peter Hammarstedt – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Camille Hankins – Win Animal Rights
Robin Helfritch – Open The Cages Alliance
Alex Hershaft – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Amanda Hitt – Government Accountability Project
Brogan Horton – Animal Rescue Unit
Bob Ingersoll – Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary
Ellen Jones – author, Eat Vegan on $4 a Day
pattrice jones – Eastern Shore Sanctuary
Melanie Joy – author, “Why Love Dogs, Eat Pigs…”
Shannon Keith – Animal Rescue, Media & Education
Lisa Kemmerer – author, Sister Species
Cathy LaSusa – Nonprofit Development Consultant
Greg Lawson – Vegetarian Society of El Paso
Carrie LeBlanc – Mercy For Animals
Dara Lovitz – author, “Muzzling a Movement”
Robert Lucius – Kairos Coalition
Wes Macleod-Ball – American Civil Liberties Union
Shirley McGreal – Int’l Primate Protection League
Keith McHenry – Food Not Bombs!
Erica Meier – Compassion Over Killing
Angi Metler – New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance
Pulin Modi –
Dawn Moncrief – A Well-Fed World
Victoria Moran – author, “Main Street Vegan”
Anne Muller – Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Peter Muller – League of Humane Voters
Elizabeth O’Nan – Protect All Children’s Environment
lauren Ornelas – Food Empowerment Project
Kristal Parks – Pachyderm Power!
Norm Phelps – author, “The Longest Struggle”
David Phinney – Animal Place
Will Potter – Green Is the New Red
Sarita Raturi – In Defense of Animals
Matt Rice – Mercy For Animals
Jen Riley – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Anteneh Roba – Int’l Fund For Africa
Becky Robinson – Alley Cat Allies
Martin Rowe – Lantern Books
Nathan Runkle – Mercy For Animals
Ryan Shapiro – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Shapiro – Humane Society of the US
Brenda Shoss – Kinship Circle
Doll Stanley – In Defense of Animals
Veda Stram –
Dulcie Taylor musician
Cheri Thompson – Healing Species
Brian Vincent – Stop UBC Animal Research
Michael Weber – Farm Animal Rights Movement
Eileen Weintraub – Help Animals India
Juliette West – “How I Became an Elephant”
Odette Wilkens – Equal Justice Alliance
Peter Young – Animal Liberation Frontline

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